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Personal Chef, Pasquale Martinelli, provides an exclusive private chef service in the convenience of your home, yacht or private jet.

Our meals are based on the Mediterranean diet from Puglia developed by American doctor, Ancel Keys.

We offer service worldwide.


Custom Menu

Custom Menu

Chef Pasquale Martinelli will create your custom menu that will meet the needs of your special event.

Finest Ingredients

Finest Ingredients

We use the finest ingredients selected by Chef Pasquale Martinelli to compliment your menu.

Private Dinner Event

Private Dinner Event

Chef Pasquale Martinelli and his staff will prepare and serve your private dinner event.

Full Service

Full Service

Service includes full break down and clean-up.


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"Thank you for letting us host your event..

We are looking forward for more."

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Custom MENU

Custom MENU


Selected Ingredients

Selected Ingredients



Specialty Dishes

Specialty Dishes


Our Service

Our Service


Video Event

Video Event




Founded in 2009 by Chef Pasquale Martinelli.


WarmPalate, LLC is

an exclusive private chef service company,

where his passion for fine dining can be delivered

to individuals and businesses within the comfort of their home.


Chef Pasquale Martinelli offers custom menus

that will fit everyone’s lifestyles and dietary needs, while providing

health conscious choices and dining excellence.


Let WarmPalate provide you and your guests with

an exquisite and unforgettable event!

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Client Events

Client Events


Chef Pasquale Martinelli’s philosophy of Southern Italian home hospitality inspired his cooking throughout the years. His traditional and yet simple Italian cuisine style creates an unforgettable culinary experience that will captivate your guests while you enjoy the event free of stressful planning and preparation. 


Chef Pasquale Martinelli will create your custom menu, obtain ingredients, prepare dinner, serve your guests and perform the necessary after dinner clean-up.

Finest Ingredients

Finest Ingredients


Chef Pasquale Martinelli and his staff are known for preparing marvelous meals based on the Mediterranean diet from Puglia developed by American doctor, Ancel Keys.  In Pioppi, a small village in Southern Italy, Dr. Keys denoted a relationship between science, diet and health.   


Only finest ingredients, meats, fish and produce – either imported from Southern Italy where the Mediterranean diet was born or purchased from local organic companies – are used in the preparation of meals.   


Besides the Mediterranean diet’s reach flavor which comes from the best and freshest ingredients, it’s health benefits come from the ingredients and its preparation.

Chef Pasquale Martinelli

Chef Pasquale Martinelli


 Chef Pasquale Martinelli brings the rich aromas and authentic flavors found in kitchens throughout Italy. His Italian heritage carries the history of traditional Italian cuisine can be treasured and enjoyed at home. 

Born and raised in Mola di Bari in Puglia, Italy, Chef Pasquale Martinelli knows the importance of not only cooking and enjoying good quality food but also the importance of eating healthy. His passion for the freshest and most authentic imported ingredients  from Italy provides this unique opportunity to experience the “taste of Italy” at home.


Chef Pasquale Martinelli was recognized by the American, Italian Chamber of Commerce and by the Italian Academic Cooking  Society in 2014 for promoting the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and offering his cooking excellence by preparing delicious and healthy meals. In 2015, Chef Pasquale Martinelli has been named International Ambassador of Pugliese Cuisine and was awarded a Certificate of  Ambassador in Hospitality and Catering Services for his continuing excellence in food industry.

Chef Luigi Rana

Chef Luigi Rana


Chef Luigi Rana from Bari Puglia, Italy works in collaboration with Chef Pasquale Martinelli and WarmPalate.com to delivery authentic Southern Italian cuisine. 


 Chef Pasquale Martinelli at public functions and events.

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Recognitions and Awards

Recognitions and Awards


Chef Pasquale Martinelli awarded Certificate of Ambassador in Hospitality and Catering Services, 2015 

Chef Pasquale Martinelli awarded International Ambassador Certificate of Pugliese Cuisine, 2015

Chef Pasquale Martinelli member of Mordi la Puglia Association promoting Pugliese cuisine, 2015

Chef Pasquale Martinelli named Professor of Hospitality and Coordinator of The Institute Hotel Ettore Majorana for International Events, 2014

Chef Pasquale Martinelli is recognized by The American Chamber of Commerce as the “Promoter of the Mediterranean Diet in the world”, 2014


Chef Pasquale Martinelli is recognized by Console Dell’Accademia Italiana di Gastronomica Storica 2014

Charitable Events

Charitable Events


Chef Pasquale Martinelli raises money for Cancercare 71th Anniversary Gala, 2015

Chef Pasquale Martinelli for Alexandra Playground Fundraiser NYC Half Marathon, 2015 

Chef Pasquale Martinelli raises money for Cancercare 70th Anniversary Gala, 2014

Chef Pasquale Martinelli for Alexandra Playground Fundraiser, 2014

Chef Pasquale Martinelli raises money for Cancercare Annual Spring Gala, 2013

Chef Pasquale Martinelli raises money for Jesse Allen Park Fundraiser

, 2012

Public Functions

Public Functions


Puglia Olive Oil Culinary Demonstration Bloomingdale’s NYC, 2015

Apulia Networking Event, 2015

Chef Pasquale Martinelli promotes the Mediterranean Diet, 2014

Chef Pasquale Martinelli at Eataly NYC, 2014







Extra – April

Extra (English version) – April

Oggi – August

Puglia Restaurants – December



www.findyourcravings.com – September 

www.findyourcraving.com – September




Purchase Personal Chef Services

Gift certificates are available towards exclusive private chef dinner events.

Please note private dinner events are generally priced per person + cost of chef and staff.

Difference in final cost of the event will be billed and handled by the recipient.

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Purchase Gift Certificates

Purchase Gift Certificates


Gift certificates are applied towards all personal chef packages or any future service.

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.

Gift Certificates


I hired Warmpalate to cater at my recent Holiday Party. It was very clear from the start that Warmpalate’s main goal was to ensure that my husband and I had a great time at the party. The food was delicous and the presentation of the food a joy too. On top of that WarmPalate helped with serving drinks and making sure that all the guests were well looked after. The staff was curtious and very professional, and I credit Warmpalate with making the party a success. I would highly recommend this company and I have no doubt that I will be hiring them again.

– Vickie Khan, New York City, December 2012

Thank you for hosting our event.  Your services are very much appreciated. 

– MEGA Supply / Spray Stone USA, April 2015

I had a wonderful dinner at my house…a fantastic 7 course dinner! It was so delicious, it was in our apartment and they had savory wines with olives, foccacia, antipasto, broccoli rabe, skirt steak…it was wonderful!

–  Geraldo Rivera, America’s Correspondent

Chef Pasquale prepared a meal for 30 at our home in Montauk for a Memorial Day Celebration we will never forget!

– Montauk May, May 2012

Pasquale ottimo cameriere (e anche cuoco)…

– Silvano Marchetto, Da Silvano Ristorante Toscano NYC, June 2012

Chef Pasquale prepared an exquisite Southern Italian Seafood feast for 25 at our place in the Hamptons for Labor Day. He took care of everything from menu suggestions, sourcing ingredients, prep, cooking and left the place immaculate. The food and service were exquisite. We loved the unique grilled octopus and gigantic shrimp imported from Chef’s home town of Mola di Bari (Puglia). The veal meatballs made from scratch and Pizza Rustica al Parmacotto were sooo good! People had a blast and we plan on making WarmPalate a tradition at our place.

– Michael Vitale MD MPH, Ana Lucia Professor of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery, Columbia University Medical Center, East Quogue, September 2012

After I had the great pleasure of enjoying Chef Pasquale’s amazing Southern Italian real home cooking, he really impressed me with his amazing generosity. I asked Pasquale to donate his time as a live auction item for www.alexandrasplayground.org. He was the ‘hit’ of the evening, raising significantly more money than any other item of the auction, even more than the Tiger Woods autographed golf clubs!

-Tricia Heywood, New York City, March 2012



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